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Rolf Bös - Condor IV (6)
Rolf Bös - Condor IV
Mr. Bös has completed his newest model – our 2007 novelty, the Condor IV.

Again, he has baffled us all by getting this model ready for first flight in only 3 months.

He wrote us the following comment:

"…Prior to the first flight, I have positioned all controls to neutral, differentiated the ailerons and programmed “50 percent Expo” into the elevator. The elevator was positioned in the center of the pre-cut gate. Then: …The plane was hooked up, launched and flown. We are still flying the plane today with these adjustments without retrimming! ..."


Frank Josten - 220FX (5)
Frank Josten - 220FX
Frank Josten shows us his wonderful 220FX here. He has built and flown the model  for a test report in the 12/2005 edition of FMT 12/2005.

This model can hardly be made more beautiful.


Dieter Schneider - RF4 (2)
Dieter Schneider - RF4

Dieter Schneider has sent us pictures of his wonderful RF4. The RF4 driven by Actro 60-200 engine, actronic 80-35, 60x sanjo 2400 accumulators and a 22x12 propeller. It weighs 14.5 kilograms.


Mr. Fingerle - Minimoa (4)
Mr. Fingerle - Minimoa
Mr. Fingerle has built this beautiful Minimoa, which unfortunately he is now compelled to sell for health reasons. Interested persons are welcome to contact us.

Mr. Fingerle commenting on his Minimoa “…the Minimoa is the best model that I have ever flown in more than 40 years of model flying. It flies as easy as a feather, excels by its climbing performance and circles completely intrinsically stable….”


Alfredo Borghi - Minimoa (9)
Alfredo Borghi - Minimoa
Hier einige Bilder von meinem Freund Alfredo Borghi aus Italien. Er hat unseren Baukasten stark modifiziert, um ein Einzelstück aus Italien nachzubauen.

Alfred - Vielen Dank für dieses Traummodell.


Herr Baptist Lederer (4)
Herr Baptist Lederer
I am very pleased to be able to show you some more new pictures of one of our Minimoa customers.

Mr. Baptist Lederer from Hirschaid has built this wonderful model.


Rolf Bös - Minimoa (4)
Rolf Bös - Minimoa
Mr. Rolf Bös from Frankfurt has sent us many pictures of his beautiful Minimoa.

Here is a small selection.

Many thanks !


Alfredo Borghi - Condor IV (5)
Alfredo Borghi - Condor IV
Here some pictures from the skeleton stage taken by my friend Alfredo Borghi  from Italy. Alfredo is already known to many people because of his “Minimoa” marvel that he has
created from our construction kit.

This is his newest plane, our latest “Condor IV” model. Alfredo received one of the first prototypes and turned it into a very special Italian version, the Cat 28 bp, which flew in Italy as a single type.


Mike Morgan - Klemm L20 (3)
Mike Morgan - Klemm L20
Mike Morgan from San Diego, California, USA, has sent us pictures of his wonderful Klemm L20.

The Klemm is driven by an Astro 90 engine with a 6,000 Ah Li-Ion accumulator and a 24 x 10 propeller. It weighs 6.6 kilograms.


Frank Luckmann - Klemm L20 (3)
Frank Luckmann - Klemm L20
The pictures of this beautiful Klemm L20 were provided by Frank Luckmann.

So beautiful are vintage planes !


Alfredo Borghi - Minimoa 2 (17)
Alfredo Borghi - Minimoa 2
Alfredo Borghi from Italy has built up this really phantastic Minimoa.

I think the pictures speak for themselves…….


Dominic Baer - Minimoa (5)
Dominic Baer - Minimoa
Dominik Baer from Switzerland has built this beautiful Minimoa and he sent us the following pictures. Thank you !

Source: GMR de la Gruyère, CH-1630 Bulle, Roland Galley, Groupement des Modèles Réduits de la Gruyère.


Rüdiger Götz - K1 (6)
Rüdiger Götz - K1
Rüdiger Götz not only sent us with his phantastic pictures some good stuff for our “customer photos”, but also the information that his interactive assembly report on the Ka 1 has now been completed.


Jürgen Petzold (7)
Jürgen Petzold
Our importer in Brazil, Mr. Jürgen Petzold from the Company
has also sent us new pictures.

Thank you, Jürgen!. You have really produced great models from our construction kits.


Rolf Bös - Ka6e (4)
Rolf Bös - Ka6e
Our Frankfurt modelers have scored another hit.

This time, Rolf Bös has sent me beautiful pictures of his club buddy Uli Richter´s Ka6e.

Congratulations, Mr. Richter, for this wonderful 5 meter Ka6e and its really successful first flight ! I hope that you will have lots of joy with it and I wish you many long lasting thermal gliding flights.


Jürgen Petzold - Ka6 CR (3)
Jürgen Petzold - Ka6 CR
Our importer in Brazil, Mr. Jürgen Petzold from the Company has built this beautiful Ka6 CR with a wing span of 6.52 meters from our construction kit. Jürgen, I thank you very much for these pictures, hoping that you will also get the other models into the air soon.


Gianni Vetrini - Ka6 E (4)
Gianni Vetrini - Ka6 E

Mr. Gianni Vetrini from Italy has built this great Ka6 E with a wing span of 5 meters from our construction kit.

The model has been greatly accomplished !


Rolf Bös - Lo100 (8)
Rolf Bös - Lo100
Only 3 weeks after the pictures of his Lo 100, Mr. Rolf Bös sent us these photos of his Ultimate 10 Dash 300s.

Building two of these beautiful models and conducting their first flight in only 4 months time is really an achievement. Good job, Mr. Bös, phantastic.

Here, we would like to quote him:

"…Hello Mr. Bayer,

I have meanwhile completed and broken in the LO 100.
After I had positioned all controls to neutral prior to the first launch, I proceeded to conduct the first towed flight. Without changing any trimmings, my LO flew a straight course with
rolls, inverted position flight, loopings and the like not being a problem…"


Karl Swiontek - Minimoa (6)
Karl Swiontek - Minimoa
Mr. Karl Swiontek from Stolber has provided us very many pictures of his Minimoa. It was really difficult to select a few. We have chosen the pictures showing the first flight.
Thank you very much for the nice pictures.


Yasuyuki Kimura - Minimoa (3)
Yasuyuki Kimura - Minimoa
Mr. Yasuyuki Kimura from Nagano, Japan, was kind enough to send us 3 pictures of his Minimoa. It is modelled on one of 3 still flying original planes, that are still flown in Japan. Phantastic, Mr. Kimura.


Arnd Hinz - Ka1 (3)
Arnd Hinz - Ka1
Mr. Arnd Hinz submitted the pictures of his Ka 1. Particularly spectacular were the first (hand !) launches of the Ka 1 behind an apparently somewhat weak tow plane.


Herr Hörer - Ka6 CR (4)
Herr Hörer - Ka6 CR
Mr. Hörer commented on his Ka 6CR: "My Ka 6 was completed in May and has accumulated 22 flight hours since. I would like to point out that this is a very outstanding model of your production line (…) the plane flies wonderfully and in all weather conditions.(…) No other plane of our Club stays up longer. Last Saturday´s record was 4 hours and 10 minutes with touchdown at 1950 hours. I am very happy with the plane and grateful that you have produced such types of model aircraft (and will, hopefully, continue to do so in future). Attached are some photos of my Ka 6."


Siegfried Kaltenbrunner - Lo100 (15)
Siegfried Kaltenbrunner - Lo100
Siegfried Kaltenbrunner from Austria provided us these great pictures of his Lo 100´s first flight and we, surely, don´t want you to miss out on them.


H. D´Arco - Ka 1 (3)
H. D´Arco - Ka 1
Mr. D´Arco from Dulliken, Switzerland, during his first flight of his Ka 1. His original comment: “On Saturday, the KA-1 flew like a dream !!!! It was a real joy.”

Amen to that.


Julio Santasmarinas - Lo100 (4)
Julio Santasmarinas - Lo100
Spaniard Julio Santasmarinas´s Lo 100 is convincing, not least due to its great Breitling logo.


M. Schaub - Lo100 (3)
M. Schaub - Lo100
The customer photo was submitted by M. Schaub from Franconia, Bavaria. Here is his comment on his Lo 100: "The quality of your construction kits leaves nothing to be desired and I also find the assembly instructions very good. (…) With a takeoff weight of 10 kilograms, it can almost be flown and landed like a trainer. It also performed well on the slope. Personally, I prefer towed flight in order to subsequently spiral down the altitude gained."


Dieter Mahlein - Lo100 (1)
Dieter Mahlein - Lo100
The Lo 100 is owned by Dieter Mahlein. Thomas Rauber shot the picture and Eric Swenson built the plane.


Walter Baumann-Brütsch - K6 (6)
Walter Baumann-Brütsch - K6
Meine K6 ist fertig gebaut, und hat eine erfolgreichen Sommer hinter sich.
Die Flugleistungen sind einmalig wie auch das Flugbild! Ich habe sehr viel


Harald Sommer - Klemm L20 (8)
Harald Sommer - Klemm L20
2 Partie
Erstflug war übrigens schon vor 2 Jahren, gekauft habe ich den Satz vor ca.
4 Jahren im Jänner per Selbstabholung.


Bob Wilson, U.K. (2)
Bob Wilson, U.K.
Hi, I purchased this rtf model from you in July 2011, I am now in my second season of flying and it is a great aircraft to fly. I have flown it at a show in the U.K and there has been some great comments.I gave people your contact details,so hopefully some enquiries. My plane has a Z62 with Fema starter and weighs 19kg. Is it possible for cnc ribset for the RF4 Milan wing, which is the bigger wing, then you would have wing for aerobatics and one for soaring.

Thanks Bob Wilson U.K.


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